Audit services

International consulting company "Bondar" is a team of qualified auditors, accountants and lawyers the purpose of which is a comprehensive, fast and efficient solution of customer problems in taxation, financial management and accounting.
We are not limited only by audit and the preparation of an audit report providing auditing services. We striving to give the client all our knowledge to enhance its competitiveness on the market today.

Our goal is to contribute of your business growth by providing the professional services quality assured in accordance with Ukrainian and international auditing standards.

Our portfolio is successfully implemented projects for both large organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

We see audit as a set of services allowing to solve problems of accounting and taxation optimization. This helps our customers to receive additional economic benefits due to:

  • providing a single methodology and techniques of accounting and tax accounting in subdivisions;
  • optimization of legal registration and documentation of business transactions;
  • timely detection and elimination of errors in economic operations reflection in accounting and tax accounting;
    identify the reasons hindering the implementation of the enterprise potential and providing the practical recommendations for their elimination. 

The complex of our services includes:    

  • mandatory audit reliability of financial statements and audit opinion;
  • possessing initiative audit verification with the development of recommendation on improvement of business management and keeping of accounting and the tax one;
  • express-audit prior to tax audits by the tax authorities;
  • review the financial statements with the provision of the audit report.
Also we will be glad to assist you in matters of: 

  • organization of accounting in the company according to the accounting standards providing the recommendations for the restoration and the establishment of data processing systems with the confirmation of the operations correctness according to the operating laws;
  • reporting in accordance with the national accounting standards;
  • audit of financial statements in accordance with the national accounting standards;
  • analysis of internal corporate processes, management and control, optimization of the transition process to International  Standards of Financial Accounting;
  • provision of reports on compliance with financial indicators and requirements;
  • integrated business assessment to analyze the commercial attractiveness of the proposed transaction, the definition of the advantages and disadvantages of potential cooperation;
  • advisory support.


The structure of the company
The structure of the company
Specialists of International consulting company "Bondar" reached a new level of quality and reliability of the accounting services providing
Our Clients
Our Clients
Our company's customers are enterprises and entrepreneurs engaged in various fields
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Bondar Company Group
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Legal services to enterprises
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